Some nationalities do not need a visa to enter Turkey (i.e. New Zealand, Japan). However most nationalities will need to obtain a visa on arrival. The costs vary according to nationality (UK - US$15, AUS - US$20, US - US$20, EU - US$10). For the latest information for your nationality contact your nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate.


There are no entry or exit taxes payable when entering or leaving Turkey by air.


220 volts. Sockets are of the European, two-pronged variety. Ask in advanced for the power situation on the boat.


The monetary unit in Turkey is the Turkish Lira, which is divided into 100 Kurus.

It is easy to find banks and ATMs almost everywhere in Turkey. You can also use Credit cards in most shops, restaurants and hotels. You can also change your EURO€, US$ or GB£ currencies easily at exchange shops, banks and post offices.

No credit cards on the boats.

Note: It is very difficult to change Traveler's Cheques, even at banks.

For the exchange rates:



Turkish cuisine is something that Turkish people are very proud of. When you are wondering on the streets you can easily notice that the restaurants in Turkey have 2 basic categories; restorant and lokanta. While you can order foods on display from an a la carte menu at the restorans, you can also choose something to eat from prepared dishes kept hot in ban maries at lokantas. At almost all the restaurants bread comes to the table for free.

Approximate costs for meals and snacks that you might be having during the tours are written below.

Simple snack - US$6 Light meal - US$8-12 Fancy restaurant - US$25-35


While you are wondering for example at Grand Bazaar, you can easily see almost all the shopkeepers having tea while it is very common to drink tea in Turkey. And be sure that you will be offered to have one. Also the other drink that they will be offering is of course Turkish coffee.

The hotels and restaurants that we use do serve alcoholic drinks. Especially the most famous local spirit Raki is waiting for you to be experienced. Also local wine and beer (Efes Pilsen) are available everywhere.

Approximate costs for drinks bought in a shop in the street are shown below.

Note: Prices in restaurants, hotels, and cruise boats can be as much as double those specified.

1.5l of water = US$1 33cl bottle of soft drink = US$ 1.5 50cl bottle of beer = US$2


It is a very good chance to experience the home made dishes, barbeques and sea food dishes of Turkish cuisine on the boat. Also all kind of drinks with reasonable prices are available on the boat.



Since the meat is used a lot in the Turkish cuisine vegetarians may experience a distinct lack of variety in the food available at meal times. But if you let us know in advance your guide will do his best to give you more options.

Food Allergies

If you have food allergies or preferences, please let us know in advance to do our best during the tour for you.
Note: Unfortunately we can give no guarantee that special requirements can always be met.


Frankly the clothing should be lightweight, loose fitting, hard-wearing and easily washed. Since Turkey has hot summer months, better to have cotton clothing. Turkey is a Muslim country and at some regions like Eastern Turkey and Konya which is at Central Turkey, local people have a conservative attitude towards dress. If your tour goes to these regions you will be told how to dress and behave in advance by your tour guides. However in most other parts of Turkey and particularly on the western coast you can dress much more casually.



• Hello (greeting)- Merhaba 
• Hello (response) -Merhaba 
• Goodbye - Allahaısmarladık 
• How are you? - Nasılsınız? 
• I'm well, thank you - Iyiyim,teşekkürler 
• Good morning - Günaydın 
• Excuse me - Özür dilerim (pardon) 
• Please - Lütfen 
• Thank you - Teşekkür ederim 
• Yes - Evet 
• No - hayır 
• How Much? (price) - Kaç Lira? 
• Water - Su 
• Coffee - Kahve (Turkish Coffee), Nescafe (instant) 
• Tea - Çay 
• The bill - Hesab 
• I don't understand - Anlamıyorum • 0 - Sıfır
       • 1 - Bir 
• 2 - İki 
• 3 - Üç 
• 4 - Dört 
• 5 - Beş 
• 6 - Altı 
• 7 - Yedi 
• 8 - Sekiz 
• 9 - Dokuz 
• 10 - On 
• 11 - Onbir 
• 12 - Oniki 
• 20 - Yirmi 
• 30 - Otuz 
• 40 - Kırk 
• 50 - Elli 
• 100 - Yüz 
• 1000 - Bin


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